Monday, 27 June 2016

Leave the EU and manufacture will follow

43 years was enough for that lot. On to better things, the world is our oyster

A massive leave vote and free at last. I dedicate my vote to my dad 

We have become insignificant in the world today and we have been so controlled and tied up with the EU that we have not got the skills and expertise and have not got the industry to trade with the rest of the world.
Financial services and the manufacture or baby wipes and cotton buds will not be enough to pay the way of Britain's new adventure in the big wide world so to up our game we need to export items of value and the re-instatement of some proper industry and manufacturing hopefully will take place and then of course proper jobs and proper apprentices would follow. I am surprised that the Unions did not see that. We need to rid ourselves of thousands upon thousands of students going for degrees and then working in places like Subway or Starbucks. They don't do much else apart from worry about they would lose their cheap or free roaming charges when they take their mobile ski-ing or something similar now that we have left the E.U.  We could also then pick skilled labour from around the world when and where we need it.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

LONDON'S SUPER BYCYCLE HIGHWAY, a trillion quid and for what


The middle of a busy day

Lower Thames Street looking East

A waste of time and money. It has caused major congestion and disruption while it was being built and now it's open ( not as though you would know it) it is still causing major congestion and disruption to the people stuck in the traffic along side it day after day.  A empty wilderness, a classic case of pandering to a few.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Loughborough Junction Road Closures.....go away and leave us alone

We Get Something We Did Not Want

You wouldn't believe this unless you see it. Total madness which is making people's life a misery. Local residents cut off from going south as a small group of Guardian Readers from the Dulwich side of Loughborough Junction team up with like minded councillors and walk all over the views and the needs of people like me who are in a majority against these closures. So much for democracy.

No consultation, no traffic modelling but implementing this madness against the wishes of the majority. The majority said no but they fetched it in under the cloak of darkness. It's a trial they tell us us while traffic comes to a stand still in between Brixton and Camberwell. We can't get anywhere and nor can ambulances, fire engines and others going about their lawful day to day business. Local firms are paying the price of being strangled within this bottleneck. Loughborough Junction as never been a problem in the 39 years that I have lived nearby. I think the secret is the name 'Junction, which is road and rail. With few roads going south towards Dulwich due to all the rail tracks and bridges in the area it's just plain stupid to close the only three roads going south. It is now nigh on impossible for people north of the Junction to have freedom to drive south and we have to make a detour to Brixton centre or the other way round and end up in Camberwell ,if your lucky. More fuel more engine fumes and time wasted. It creates traffic in residential roads that was not previously there and they are now chocked to a stand still. Crazy Crazy Crazy

To the relief of local people drivers are ignoring the signs and driving through which is helping to keep our roads clear. In some other roads barriers have been moved and left in the kerb.  People are now taking action to stop this madness

What's ironic is the people who want this junction closed have not closed it their side so they can still get out onto Coldharbour Lane but north side (my side) your knackered, trapped and sandwiched into a triangle with not even provision for access. If you want a good example of splitting a area and community in two you could not do it a better way.

I forgot to mention that they want this busy road junction closed and other roads around the junction closed so this small group can can hang around the junction in bistro's and wine bars after they have regenerated the area and got rid of the skip yards, scrap yards and rail arch garages and any type of business or job that didn't suit their woolly jumper lifestyle.

18/9/15  Tonight it was all roads blocked solid from Brixton to Camberwell and all the side roads around it, nightmare.


Local meeting in the  local Loughborough Community Centre organised by the LJ Road Madness Group attracted a crowd of 350-400 plus overspill and made it clear that this nonsense has got to stop. London Ambulance Service person spoke about the delays to the ambulances and locals spoke of what they have seen, experienced and their views on this flawed so called comprehensive consultation lunacy. Local councillors who did not approve of these closures and stood with us turned up and at this moment in time, their names escape me.

They asked a question: Is there anybody here that was aware of any consultation and did anybody receive any polling information. Not a single hand was raised. What a absolute stitch up.

A packed hall listens intensely to the chap from the Ambulance Service

5 days later

Lambeth Council deputy leader Imogen Walker said consultation over the closure was "comprehensive" I say that must be untrue as a packed meeting to a man and a women had not been consulted or knew of any poll. I wonder if they polled Herne Hill instead.

Council move road barriers and signs are defaced,


Saturday, 31 May 2014

David Greig, a bit of south London history

After removing a old tatty shop facia a original rival to Sainsbury's is un-earthed
A little treasure has been discovered in Coldharbour Lane just a couple of hundred yards for Loughborough Junction Railway Station. This " little treasure" is a original shop front from the time when many moons ago David Greig shops which numbered over 200 was a main rival to Sainsbury's. With their head office in Atlantic Road Brixton this must have been one of their closest shops to head office. For all the full info about David Greig have a look on Wikipedia.


I have a interest regarding David Greig not just because of the local social history but my childhood was in Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, Kent and directly opposite our house their was and still is a graveyard and within this graveyard there is a large stone winged angel and it is the memorial to David Greig and his family. I feel I have known this man all my life and now one of his shops has been found just a short walk from my new home near Brixton.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lambeth Council Deathtraps

If you read elsewhere within my blog you will know that I hate speed bumps. It is a sure fire bet that they will wreck tyres, steering, springs, shock absorbers, wheel bearings and spoilers and with me recently, prop shaft bearing and gearbox mounting. They bring you down to the same speed as cyclists so you cannot get clear of them so they are always down your inside, this is dangerous and it's not good for me and it's not good for them. Once these speed bumps deteriorate they become a dangerous hazard if you are on foot crossing the road or if you are on a bicycle or trying to negotiate them in a vehicle.Perhaps a battle tank would be the answer

      They cause more danger than not having them. Here is a good example in Lilford Road

Here's another one in the same road

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Walworth Road Library-Museum Fire 25/3/13

No injuries or loss of life. Historic building seriously damaged. Southwark history gone up in smoke.

Just up the Walworth Road from Arment's pie and mash shop stands the Walworth Road Cummings Museum and library which was where I got married a good few years ago, it goes up in flames and a lot of relics and books are no more, or at the very least burnt or water damaged. I'm not to sure if the fire was in the section where me and the missus tied the knot, but I had a thought......hopefully the fire brigade put that bit out last, no evidence, I'm off.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The UK weather

A un-planned experiment.

There's been a bit of cold snap the last couple of weeks as those in the UK will probably know. Temperatures dropping to -16c along the East coast and -6 more or less down south where I am located. As you can imagine it takes up a lot of conversation time talking about it. I for one can talk about the weather to the cows come home and being bloody freezing day in and day out can stimulate a good moan about it. My wife had a go at me for "keep going on" about it and told me to give it a rest, she was stern in her voice. I said ok, I will not say another word about it and in fact don't mention it yourself.  I was narked and gave her some back.

This is hard work, not talking about anything to do with the weather. It is nigh on impossible not to let something slip and we have kept it up for three days now which is amazing seeing we have been out together over the weekend, we have both been to work and to the shops and took the dog for a walk. Some people joke about how us English go on about the weather, but it does dominate our lives and it is practically impossible to ignore it and more than impossible to not talk about it
Have a go yourself, I wonder if you could go without, try it with your partner or mate.
Going without lasted two weeks, it is hard work not mentioning the weather.

20/4/12 Not enough rain, now there is a hosepipe ban......

26/4/12 The dry streets of South London

29/4/12 The dry streets of South London, still a hosepipe ban

Sssshhhh, mustn't mention the weather 

Monday, 19 December 2011

London's pedestrians (or could this be anywhere?)

Just my observations......

Dumb and dumber
They amble along with no sense of direction, they are not aware of what's around them or think about anybody else, they get off a bus and crash into you if you happen to be walking past. They walk out of a shop door come to a dead stop and for some reason look in their shopping bag while standing still right in the middle of the pedestrian traffic flow. They queue for a bus or cash machine and block the pavement.
They cross the road right in front of the bus they have just got off and cause confusion and mayhem as they peer  around the front of the bus, some run across the road and take risks, some just walk out and of course cause the bus they just got off to be delayed or worse run over a few of them.
The ones I have mentioned above are the clever ones, wait to you tangle with the ones with a mobile phone or a ipod stuck in their ears,  it's crazy out there.

No money out there

I know why!! Lambeth Council and TFL are spending it all on road speed bumps and other road obstacles so the non-thinkers I mentioned above can carry on with their kamikaze pedestrian life style but bring everybody else down to a snail pace. With these speed lumps and bumps, I have never seen the like anywhere else (apart from Southwark council). There is more obstacles on Lambeth's roads than there was on the Normandy beaches.

More on this speed bump nonsense within this Blogspot

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Double Rainbow over the Isle of Sheppey

Never seen this before, until today.

A twin Rainbow and if you notice (I did not notice untill a friend pointed it out) the colours are inverted.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Vickers "Taxed and tested"

Great for going to the shops or great for protecting the shops.

British hardware, self propelled big gun.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cafe Racer

Picture the state of Texas with Mods and Rockers. I just watched it on the telly and was amazed.

From time to time I watch a programme on Discovery Turbo called Cafe Racers which is always a good watch but I was amazed to see what I can only describe as a 60's Mods and Rockers re-enactment without the punch ups somewhere in the state of Texas. With plenty of British Iron and other bikes jostling with busy bee Vespa's the Mod's and Rockers in full regalia set the seen. Sewn on to bike leathers there is Ace Cafe and 59 Club sew on patches and the scooter boys wearing pork pie hats it is very weird to see in Texas. This very British scene takes me back and watching it made me think I must be getting old...... I was there.


Monday, 30 May 2011


Reports of corruption, hearings and general accusations and bad press

Do we need this motley crew?

This little nipper could do a better job

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LEZ is pure unfair and unjust nonsense

As somebody that will be affected by LEZ I do Despair.

What is LEZ? A diesel vehicle low emission zone which is not UK wide but covers 99% of the area within the M25 circular motorway that rings London. From January 1st 2012 perfectly legal diesel vans and minibuses will not be allowed to enter or drive within this zone. A fine of a hundred pounds each time you do is applied
The vehicles that are not allowed is only calculated by the age of the vehicle and nothing to do if they run clean or what mileage they clock up yearly. Many private owners of historic vehicles will be forced to scrap the them or sell them to people far away from London. Charities and scouting organisations that have older minibuses will be hit very hard as they can not afford new ones or a filter that will cost a over inflated 3.5K and their is no guarantee that they will work. Most of these minibuses do very low mileage yearly and would produce less emissions that a minibus that complies but is used daily. I have own a small minibus that does two thousand miles a year has a very clean exhaust as the engine is maintained .There is a picture of it in another post in this Blog. The MOT inspector commented when it was took in for it's last MOT that the vehicle had a very good low emission which measured a excellent emission figure of only . 9 out of a maximum of 3.5 which as you can see is well inside the legal requirement but not good enough for London, one law for me and a few others it seems, anyway the only crime my small minibus has broken is that it is pre 2001. Can we remember all those years ago when leaded petrol was the big baddy and we had to get rid of it, since then it hasn't stopped, we (the motorist) are being squeezed out of existence.

XUD9A engine and ill concieved
What's ironic is that the XUD9A engine used in my small mini-bus is used in various cars which includes some Rover models, Lada, Peugout and Citroen and of course the LEZ will not affect them. This proves to me that nobody has been involved with this LEZ  that has a knowledge of motor vehicles and this whole unjust  fiasco is ill conceived. My old LDV is maintained to a high standard as is the case with anybody who has the love to cherish a older and obsolete set of wheels.

Great news for me, Transport for London has cocked up. Because my small mini-bus has only eight passenger seats it does meet LEZ requirements so I don't have to scrap it after all.

All that stress for nothing.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Englands South Coast Sky

With kind permission, a picture taken by my friend Pat from a view from her flat in the town of Hastings, which is located on the south coast of England, apparently she gets skies like this all the time.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Chris Jefferies media lynched

He may as well have been hung drawn and quartered. The disgusting portray of Chris Jeffreys by the tabloid newspapers in my opinion was a personal attack on a man just because he is a bit "different" I am sure there must be a breach of the PCC code and a assault on he's civil rights. This man was portrayed as guilty by the Sun newspaper and other tabloids and I am sure that the Police had a hand it this attitude as well.
I just hope and pray that there is not a murder where I live as I am getting on a bit, I have long hair and some funny hobbies, the Sun will have me guilty, make defamatory remarks and smear my name. In the future there maybe a murder near you and it may be you going through the torment and splashed all over the tabloids and being accused of goodness know's what.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gifts, Snow and the Internet

This winter...Christmas looks screwed up for many people due to the failure to deliver internet orders because of the wide spread downfall of snow across the UK. Perhaps people will learn something about the world in this time of delays etc. You can sit in the comfort of your home and order what you like but at the end of this cyber ordering chain there is the great outdoors. There is a good chance that if you venture out and experience it and visit the shops you may get your items in time for Christmas. I did.

Shed loads of snow this winter

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Global warming

30/11/10  It's the tale end of November it's been freezing for days, -10c to -20c up north. My youngest daughter has caught the flu ( proper flu, she has seen a doctor ) and it's been snowing all day, it reached a depth of 6" a few miles away in Dulwich. Chaos on the roads, people taking four and half hours to make a journey that normally takes forty five minutes.  Bus drivers terminating the journey route at the first sign of a snow flake. It's just gone 9o/c at night and it's still snowing.
There is reports that the temperature in places in the north of the UK could be as low as  -27 by the end of the week. Sheet ice across the footpaths and roads locally. It's -3 in my garden.
Loads more snow and there's is ice everywhere.

If this is a result of global warming, bring on the ice age

                                                    It's too cold for the kids

Jackie and Andy

Please say hello to the Midnight in Cold Blow Lane production team

Sitting at the back is "Swampy" and is responsible for the jokes and a bit of spell checking.
Miss Moneypenny does everything else.

Not really....just a couple of bods at work.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


20/11/10 The local councils are looking for permission to raise the parking fine costs, the British Parking Association are supporting them. Bloody typical! The contractors who do the councils dirty work are pushing for a rise as well, more profit for all.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

London Cyclists

I think we would all agree that London is not the best place to ride bicycles if you want to reach retirement age.
What I cannot grasp is bicycles and buses mixing together in the same lane. If I rode a bike the last place I would want to be is mixing it is with the 159 to Streatham. Last night I was on the Brixton Road, the A23 near Brixton waiting for someone and I noticed how many bikes had no lights, incredible, idiots, muppets and absolute twats.
Most of them looked like city workers going home. Silly polystyrene hat and back pack but not much between the ears. The A23 in that area is busy, but not only that, it contains some of the worse drivers in the UK and they wouldn't see you in daylight never mind at night.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Communication Fever

I have started a new Blogspot called Communication Fever. This Blogspot contains Amateur Radio which I have been interested in from about 1979. Loads of Pictures and text. There is a link in the right hand side Sidebar or click on the link here.  There is a link back to this site.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The shard .....If you get a chance go see for yourself

I am not one for praising big city buildings but the one they are building near London Bridge Railway Station just over the Thames in South London is something to wonder. It is being built on land that is no larger in size than the actual building footprint and it is tall and getting taller. I stood watching the construction on a busy working day and what stood out was the ingenious way they have overcome the limited site of the site so they can operate cranes, external lifts and store and use the normal building site paraphernalia.
The building looks like a radical design and I will try to get some more pics as it progresses and reaches completion. What a project this building is. Designed by Renzo Piano when it is finished it will be the tallest building within the EU.

The Guardian newspaper is concerned that when it is built there will not be many places for bicycles.

A clear blue sky

Shot from a moving bus
As far as I know the first building of this size and
design built in South London, stuff like this
is normally only built in the City.

I have a bit more about this on my page on this Blogspot  "Me and stuff and pics of  South London"

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Robin Hood Airport Twitter

I have heard it all now.
Some bloke has lost his job, dragged through the Law Courts and has been treated like crap because he was  cheesed off with the Robin Hood Airport and their response with the snow last winter.
What did he do
He tweeted on Twitter about the airport and joked that the place needs blowing up.
What did they do
A airport jobs-worth junior manager read this on Twitter and fetched in the law, who took this as war, and this is no joke they locked up the bloke.  Sacked from his job and a hefty fine as well as this unjust contrived conviction. There is a appeal pending.  11/11/10 Just heard that he has lost his appeal

I do despair!!

How many times do people say....

I'm so hungry I could eat a scabby horse 
Some idiot will phone the RSPCA

I will kill that cat
as above

I'll shoot that dog if it doesn't stop barking
as above plus seven Police Snipers

That referee needs shooting 
Some idiot will phone the Police

I could murder that kid of mine
Some idiot will phone the Police, Social Workers and the NSPCC

I will wash your mouth out with soap
as above

I am in two minds whether to knock/burn that building down
Some idiot will phone the Police, Fire Brigade and the Council.              
I'll kill my self trying
Some idiot will call the Police, Social Workers and a Counsellor
and you would be put on suicide watch.

I have heard this loads of times.....Politicians, they all need shooting.

I have heard many people say.....Guy Fawkes had the right idea.

And of course..... If I had a rope I would hang the bastard myself

The list is endless

What's so sad about all of this is that the Police,Security Services, Fire Brigade, RSPCA, Social Workers etc would respond and I'm sure the HSE would be involved in there somewhere.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard in knowing that you shouldn't take these things literately. Just to be on the safe side I disclaim my self from any of the actions listed above apart from eating a scabby horse, as money is tight these days and I have not had a pay rise for two years "you never know."

I have a new word...Twatter:  meaning somebody who believes all they read and hear.
I have just Googled the word Twatter and it's listed 114.000 times, it seems to have different meanings but I think I will stick to mine.  Have a look yourself.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Suzy Creamcheese

My wife said to me " I only want sex when I am drunk....That's just not true, I also want a kebab!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A pair of pants

I have a lucky blue pair.

I'm confused!! I can understand a pair of socks or a a pair of shoes but I don't understand a pair of pants??  If a pair of pants consists of not one pant but two pants I can only conclude that each leg opening must be a pant. If a pair of trousers consists of not one trouser but two trousers each leg must be a trouser and two trousers makes a pair. I wonder why a shirt is not called a pair of sleeves??

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The 2010 World Cup NIGHTMARE! and England flags

Suzy Creamcheese.....Flying the flag

I have tried to watch it, but it's unbearable due to the continuous droning created by those poxy horn things that the crowds are blowing, it sounds like a million trapped Wasps. I persevered and watched the England V USA game and did not hear a England chant or song because all people wanted to do was blow them bloody things all through the game. I hope and prey these dough-nuts who are blowing them don't start it up with our league football in the UK. NIGHTMARE!!

I found something worse. Due to commitments I was on the motorway while England V Algeria was playing so had to hear the game on AM radio. The noise was horrendous as the signal faded in and out, the back ground noise of those poxy horns sounded like alternator whine. it was terrible, but I persevered. As for the game "I'm saying nothing"


PS.....While I am having a moan, what is the point of England flags that are being purchased and displayed all round the country having England written across them. I cannot get my head around this surely the flag it self saids it all, after all you do not see German flags with the word Germany written across it.  Downham Way near Bromley Kent has the most amount of England flags that I have seen in this World Cup my Grand Daughter counted 83 flags (not counting bunting), the road looks terrific!

Amazing...all for nothing. England players make their way home after another dismal performance. And I bet it will be the same old players in the Euro cup in 2012, I suppose it's to be expected when there's not much more than four dozen English players to choose from in the Premier League. Would the FA look out side the Premier League? I don't think so.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I triggered a sequence of events within the spiders world recently and it was WOW!

While moving a large pile of old waste paper bins that were stored underneath a Portacabin at work I came across nature. In one of the bins there was a big shiny black spider and it was guarded a nest that had lots of little shiny black baby spiders running around (cute). I decided to move the bin to a new location and then I spotted a bigger hairy spider on the outside of the bin. I gently picked the spider up but it run off and scurried up my arm and tried to disappear down my collar, I managed to grab it and placed it in the bin with the other spider. It stayed motionless halfway up the inside of the bin, I left the spiders alone and went off to do other things.

A while later I had a look in the bin and the spiders were in their same places, being a ex schoolboy I blew on the spider that had run up my arm "thinking that we were friends" but all I done was spook it and it scurried away to the bottom of the bin where the spider that was guarded the nest pounced on it , spun it over and sunk its fangs into it's abdomen and begun to kill it. After a couple of minutes the killer spider climbed off and left the ambushed spider to have one last bout of shaky leg syndrome and then it curled up on it's self and died.
I thought to myself "blimey raw nature, death in the waste bin and it's all my fault"

This mother was in my house

Thursday, 3 June 2010

British Leyland

It come to me recently that we have bugger all manufacturing left in this country basically due to government. Can you remember the government in conjunction with the popular press "lets get rid of British Leyland it's costing you the tax payer money. We all fell for it and it was broken up flogged off and it's brands and models are no more. And are we better off money wise? I don't think so. It's all a bit like the coal mines. what's ironic the car that was the but of all our jokes (apart from Allegro) Skoda is still driving around our streets when much finer brands are no more or they are in foreign hands. Bloody sad!!

My preferred transport, Son of Sherpa the Leyland Daf (LDV) 200 minibus built like a tank, reliable and dead simple to work on. In my opinion cannot be be beaten but as we all know LDV was allowed to go to the wall. I have named her Chloe after one of my favourite grand daughters.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I was watching one of them reality Cop shows last and one of the subjects was about sport bikes. I am not talking about pedal power but big powerful motorbikes.  Sussex police have a policy of following fast motor bikes using a Cop on a fast undercover (no Police markings or sirens or blue lights)  motor bike to film them and nicking them for speeding using the film as evidence.  The speeding charge is correct.  Not only do they nick them for speeding, the Police also nick them for driving without due care and attention, which is quiet weird because the Cop on the unmarked motorbike that's following them without any lights or sirens is driving at the exact speed of the bike their following (there film footage proves it).
Also as a bit of a biker my self I know that driving at 110 miles a hour requires 100% attention and you are totally focused on every manoeuvre that you do, in fact you couldn't be more awake. So in my opinion being nicked for not having due care and attention is ludicrous. Please keep that charge for the car or van mobile phone users.  As anybody looked inside a modern day Area or Motorway Police car and noticed all the gadgets they have on their dashboard and around their windscreen, "total distraction material.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Just experienced seeing my first firing of a gun in London at 5 o/c this evening.
Man or youth wearing motor cycle helmet chased three 14-15 year olds into the youth club "KIDS COMPANY" in Kenbury Street, Camberwell SE5. This man or youth about 5' 6" chased the three youths out of Canterbury Close and fired a shot at them when he was about 5 foot in front of me and slightly to my right. The gun was a black hand gun that had squarish features. The boys run into the youth club and the gunman turned round looked towards me and run back through Canterbury Close, I heard no motobike. I know my account of this incident sounds like a Police statement but it's the simplest way of telling the tale.

As for me, my first instinct was to give chase but sensibility kicked in and I phoned the Police.
I also thought of taking a picture on my camera phone but no chance of that. What is strange it does not effect me to much at the moment and it's as though it's not unusual, perhaps with the constant reports in the news and newspapers of gun crime that we are all bombarded with on a daily basis it does not surprise us anymore.
I have just heard about the multiple shootings up at Whitehaven and I suppose my little episode sounds trival now.


Thursday, 27 May 2010


Cuts are coming, the government is trying to claw from us 700 billion pounds to get rid of government debt. What money is about will become valuable and it will not be leaving peoples pockets. I would suggest that us Joe Public will be on the brink of despair and no hope as the government try to fleece from us every penny they can so watch out for stealth tax. For our sakes do not park on red routes, yellow lines or permit bays. Keep out of bus lanes and yellow boxes. Motorway cameras will be scouring for everything trying to catch some poor bastard so they squeeze money out of them. The charges for these minor offences are upwards of £60 and in London £120 for encroaching in a bus lane. And for your own sake do not park on a red route even it's just to read a sign as you will be stung, a women in my own town as just been fined £120 for doing that. These high penalty's may have been a good idea( I don't think so) when there was plenty of milk and honey but these days it's Extortion with a capital E. Being fined £120 for such trivia could result in a family not eating for the rest of the month or getting money from unsavoury money lenders just to get by. I see gloom

One way to do it.

20/11/10 Local councils are looking for permission to raise parking fine costs. The British Parking Association (contractor funded) support them. Bloody typical!  The contractors that do the councils dirty work are pushing for a hike in fines to.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Something on the bottom of my shoe

UK election today, vote for a "new" goverment (Yawn) another four years of the same old waffle. The banks cocked up and we foot the bill....Bastards!

Something strange happened to me

The fog the mist and Cold Blow Lane. Bill said the place was haunted, I gave this some thought and turned towards him, but he had gone!

I had met Bill not ten minutes earlier when he appeared out of the fog near the old damp brick railway arches which straddle the narrow part of the lane.

A few nights later I was wandering in the lane when I saw a glow in the mist, it was Bill stoking the fire which was burning brightly in a hot Chesnut brazier.

"Sixpence a bag" he shouted, "lovely and hot get your Chesnuts here only sixpence a bag".
Chesnuts were sixpence a bag in 1964 it was now 2009,"get them while there hot" shouted Bill.

The Fog closed in.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Whats it all about?

When you do something and you know you should not be doing it, but you carry on and the end result is disappointment or blood. How many of us have cut a piece of wood and the saw has jumped and ripped a finger(s) or banged a nail and whacked a thumb..0uch!!
Supporting Millwall FC is so much like that and you almost brace yourself even in the good times expecting something non-positive to happen, disappointment in play off failure, losing a game we should have won, losing by a dodgy penalty or crazy decisions by referees that seem to stack against us and of course the media, a half eaten meat pie chucked on to the edge of the pitch at the Den was covered in all the newspapers and even made it on the television, as soon as I saw that pie I thought "here we go we will get slaughtered for that and of course we did"
Grimbsy fans fight the police at Burton Albion and the Police draw batons but it hardly gets a mention.
Life would be much better if we all went off and supporting Manchester United or Chelsea, just imagine the happiness we would have, the club would have money, world class players and we would have success. We would not have to pay to go and watch them because they are always on the telly. We could buy a shirt and support the best.

Where's the whacked thumb in that?